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On Mothers Day I took my mom, my gran and my sister B to see a special show at the famed Lipizzaner Stable in Midrand Gauteng. I adore horses of all kinds, but these Lipizzaners are so wonderfully curious and good natured and approachable. And they’re very impressive to see in action.

After the show you can donate money for a handful of carrots and feed them to the horses in their stables, and they kick their stable doors to call you over!

Here are just a few of the many photos I took!

I’d love to know what you think 😀

And BTW, I’ve posted pictures of the Lipizzaners before from when we visited them in 2008 – here and here.

A Photography Workshop

This afternoon, I attended a photography workshop organised by Jeanette Verster, and I had a lot of fun. It was aimed at moms with cameras, and was built around photographing children and getting more out of your camera. I discovered more menus on my Pentax K200 than I knew existed, and Jenty’s instruction brought back a lot of what I learnt back when I was working on a photo lab.

After we finished the theory part of the workshop and had worked out how to change the F-stop, ISO settings and the way the cameras focus, we headed off to practice our newly learned composition skills by photographing the kidlets who had come with their mommies.

And then my cameras batteries died! My Pentax uses four AA batteries, and I’ve been using Varter 2500 mAh rechargeables… which I suspect may have reached the end of their 2500 hour lifespan since I charged them yesterday.

I did take a few pics, but they’re of other people’s children so I won’t post them here. I did recharge again when I got home and I got a couple of cute pictures of my Turk who was lying on the bed near me. Its not within the composition guidelines, but I was immensely impressed by how clear the picture was without a flash! You can see his fur clearly, his beautiful red flame-point markings and his blue eyes!

A Family Photo Shoot

On Saturday we had a HUGE family photo shot with the inimitable Jeanette Verster.
We were at Friends Of The Rail in Pretoria, the same place we went to for my hubby and my TTD shoot last July. The girls in my family (who are horribly out numbered BTW) had been planning this shoot since October last year and we had all sorts of props from balloons and pictures frames to suitcases and a chalk board!
We all started the shoot in blue jeans and white T-shirts with the intent of changing our shirts later, but we didn’t have a chance!
This particular collection of photos was taken by myself, my Glugster and my BIL Barry! I do wish I had taken more photos myself, but I didn’t pay enough attention to my camera through the day and then my batteries died.
I did manage a wee bit of sun-flare in the one picture!


Voting Day

We queued to vote, and I actually made small-talk with the strangers around us in the line! I surprised myself as this is not like me at all.

It was handy queuing so close to home though ‘coz the knucklehead could bring us coffee! After we voted, we actually walked home the long way round to see the sights around out house.

After we got home, we picked up the knucklehead and went to Titolino’s for a late lunch. It was a surprisingly enjoyable day.

NerdMag Photography Lessons!!!

These are the pictures I took using the instructions from Byron’s post on, I learned all this stuff years ago when I spent a year and a bit working in a photo-lab, but I haven’t used any of it in forever and now I’m re-learning it all!

The first two pictures I took sitting on my bed reading the instructions…


These I took a little later. I focused on the flowers in the middle- the ones closer and further away are out of focus. In the second shot more of the flowers are in focus.