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27Dinner #44

Last Monday night, my Glugster and I went to our first 27Dinner at FTV Village Walk.

I was excited to go, as I’d always thought I wasn’t enough of a geek and should leave the limited space at 27Dinner to the people who actually deserved to be there. My Glugs assured me I didn’t actually have to be a geek and that having a blog and knowing how to play on Twitter would be enough, so we booked our places.
I had fun.
The speakers were interesting, and I got to see a bunch of bloggers- Shebee, Pink Hair Girl, ExMi, Bergen Larsen, 8UNNI and Snowgoose– that I haven’t seen in a while, and being able to catch up in a social setting is always a bonus!

BlogGirls June 2009

We were at Mellisoo’s house this time, and we celebrated our birthdays with WAY too much food, a Springboks VS Lions rugby game on TV, and a gift exchange!
It was freezing outside, but we really had a fabulous afternoon!
This month, because we were celebrating our birthdays we had our other halves with us. I was accompanied by my Glugster and the knucklehead, and we were joined by Cybersass, Sweets, Phillipa and her other half, and Mellisoo.

raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing and strawberry jam
I got a Sass original in my pressie!