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My Weekend

Friday night was date night, and my sweetheart took me to Browns of Rivonia. Wow… like really wow! The food was incredible. The admosphere was magic. The wine was delectable. Everything was amazing- what an awesome place for a date!

Then on Saturday, my sweetheart bought me a jewellery box ‘coz my scrounging around in the little boxes I had was driving him crazy! Now I can see everything at a glance!

And I was given this… isn’t it like TOTALLY gawjiss!!!

The Weekend’s Pictures

Saturday at the Spur… for a birthday party… honestly- its not the most awesome place to go if your kids are older than 8!

My darling Damien… a.k.a. “The Knucklehead”.
This is a 550 Maranello! Spotted at a shopping centre in Randburg…

A Rock & Roll Mickey D’s?!!?!

Not only on a golf cart- in traffic- but on the phone too!!

A rather loud Egyptian Goose- inside Brightwater Commons mall…

This weekends cupcakes!!!

My two men have several common interests- Warhammer 40K is the newest one they share! Here they are building and painting together…

Date Night At "Byzance"

the staircase leading down to the restaurant
the main reception foyer
a wall sconce with a light in it
the bar
the fireplace
the passage leading to the bathrooms
the lightfittings
a fountain in the entrance

a table candle
these were above each table alcove
some of the decor
the cheese platter we had as a starter
brandy and coke

a kind of sea food quiche
I had duck with pumpkin and saffron
some more decor
the garden…