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Damien Gets A Tattoo!

My darling Damien, my 18 year old son, got his first tattoo today!
We had a date day today, him and I, where we mall-crawl and eat junk food and sometimes watch a movie and do some shopping… and today we skipped the movie to get tattoos instead.
He admitted later that it hurt a lot more than he thought it would- but he is immensely pleased with himself.
Its a tribal dragon that he designed himself, and its a really nice size too.

Voting Day

We queued to vote, and I actually made small-talk with the strangers around us in the line! I surprised myself as this is not like me at all.

It was handy queuing so close to home though ‘coz the knucklehead could bring us coffee! After we voted, we actually walked home the long way round to see the sights around out house.

After we got home, we picked up the knucklehead and went to Titolino’s for a late lunch. It was a surprisingly enjoyable day.