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Road Trip Weekend

You can read the blog post about this weekend here.

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My Prize From Scott!

the box…
opening the box…
the tumbler emerging…
…its so big and so pretty!

And trust me, the pictures don’t do it justice!
Anyone remember me blogging about winning second prize in Gnat of Glass’ competition?
Well, my prize finally arrived after Scott had a hard time getting it to me… and I went and collected it from the post office on Friday! I was so excited I wanted to rip it open in the car, but I knew it was glass and I was terrified of breaking it in my haste… I did shake it gently and heard no tinking sounds- which I took to mean it had arrived in one piece! When I got to the office I opened the box and there was LOADS of shredded paper on top, and gently rolled in bubble wrap under the paper was this glass tumbler- hand made by Scott himself with his own two hands! It even has a number etched on the bottom and the base still has a rough part where Scott cut it off the tube!
I haven’t decided where its going yet…
Thank you Scott!

I Won! I Won! I Won!

The farm where Damien and I go to ride has a website and their front page has a series of pictures of stuff on the farm- the picture changes everytime you refresh the screen and through February and March they had a competition to add a new one to the pictures. The photos entered had to have been taken on the farm- one of my pictures is already on the home page (a mare, Evil and her foal, Fury)- and I won the competition with this picture of Damien on his favourite horse, Britannica:

Another regular who calls themself Bugsy won the competition along with me (there were that many entries) and both our pictures now appear on the homepage with our names displayed! How cool is that!? Anyhoo, here are some of the other pictures I entered: