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Under The Sea Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for The Kid’s first birthday party, and I had such fun!
I first searched the interweb for pictures of fondant sea animals to use as a reference- and was disappointed with what I could find… but it gave me a starting point.
Then I went and bought the pettinice fondant icing and just about every colour they had (the powder kind)! I started making the animals last Tuesday night as they are easier to handle when they’ve dried a little, and I saw a YouTube video a while ago on how to do the two-tone icing and this was the ideal opportunity to try it!
The cupcakes are vanilla, with a plain butter-icing (half of which I coloured blue the the powder type colouring), with the fondant sea animals on top.
I was really pleased with the finished cupcakes!

I have got to work out how to photograph them without over exposing them!
And these were taken by Jeanette, who was photographing the party, and lemme tell you- if you can, you need to hire her for your photo shoot “needs”. She’s incredible!