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On Mothers Day I took my mom, my gran and my sister B to see a special show at the famed Lipizzaner Stable in Midrand Gauteng. I adore horses of all kinds, but these Lipizzaners are so wonderfully curious and good natured and approachable. And they’re very impressive to see in action.

After the show you can donate money for a handful of carrots and feed them to the horses in their stables, and they kick their stable doors to call you over!

Here are just a few of the many photos I took!

I’d love to know what you think 😀

And BTW, I’ve posted pictures of the Lipizzaners before from when we visited them in 2008 – here and here.

BlogGirls June 2009

We were at Mellisoo’s house this time, and we celebrated our birthdays with WAY too much food, a Springboks VS Lions rugby game on TV, and a gift exchange!
It was freezing outside, but we really had a fabulous afternoon!
This month, because we were celebrating our birthdays we had our other halves with us. I was accompanied by my Glugster and the knucklehead, and we were joined by Cybersass, Sweets, Phillipa and her other half, and Mellisoo.

raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing and strawberry jam
I got a Sass original in my pressie!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I baked these for the shoe crazy Charlene for her birthday!
Red velvet cupcakes is one of my favourite recipes, but I don’t bake them very often.

I bought these plastic icing ready-made shoes, one set in shocking pink with a black rose embellishment and one set in black with a bright pink rose on it.
I’m hoping to get myself a set of moulds so I can start making my own shoes and such…And here’s the finished product! The black cupcake cups I found at the same shop I bought the shoes at, and the icing under the shoes is cream cheese icing. I was a little miffed that it wasn’t properly white- but I didn’t buy the same cream cheese I always buy. Char was very chuffed with them, and everyone was very complimentary.