NerdMag Photography Lessons!!!

These are the pictures I took using the instructions from Byron’s post on, I learned all this stuff years ago when I spent a year and a bit working in a photo-lab, but I haven’t used any of it in forever and now I’m re-learning it all!

The first two pictures I took sitting on my bed reading the instructions…


These I took a little later. I focused on the flowers in the middle- the ones closer and further away are out of focus. In the second shot more of the flowers are in focus.


2 thoughts on “NerdMag Photography Lessons!!!”

  1. Angel,

    These are really really good. You got it down exactly right.

    Glad to see that my lesson’s are easy enough to understand. I always battle with giving information as I tend to be too technical and lose people along the way 😉

    In your second photos, notice the reflected light and see how it starts to take on the starburst shape.


  2. woo! so glad the nerdicles are helping you guys. kudos to you angel for putting them into practise and to byron for making them so awesome to learn 🙂

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