Cape Town Holiday Photos

These are a few of my favourites, and the ones I think are the best… there are a LOT more on my FLICKR page and several loaded on Facebook too.
the fence around part of the Cape Town Castle
the bollards surrounding Cape Town Castle
one of the carthorses from inside the Castlesteps inside Cape Town Castle
Damien looking out over False Bay
looking back towards Rooiels
The Brass Bell tidal pool
The Brass Bell tidal pool
Table Mountain with a table cloth on
Kirstenbosch (a Glugster photo)
Kirstenbosch (a Glugster photo)
egyptian goose goslings
the V&A Waterfront Muizenberg beach
Muizenberg beach
Muizenberg beach
Simonstown Harbour
the Hex River Valley
through the Karoo
the Orange River as it runs away from the !Gariep Dam
leaving the clouds behind
the sky…

4 thoughts on “Cape Town Holiday Photos”

  1. What wonderful photo’s you have of MY Cape Town…you have made me so homesick…
    I’ve not visited Muizenberg beach in years…think I must when I go home next time, look at your amazing photo’s. I used to hang out there on surfers corner as a teenager, flirted with all the bigger boys!!!

  2. Your photo’s are STUNNING Angel. I had such fun looking at them all and yes, I agree these ones you put here are good!!!! MWA


  3. marcelle: 😀

    gen: thanx tjomma!

    acidicice: sorry, didn’t realise verification was still turned on here!

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