Return To The Lion and Rhino Park

These are five different adult rhinos, Are their horns not magnificent!!?!

And then we spotted this tiny baby rhino and her mother from a distance and when we saw them heading for a salt lick we made our way closer. I took almost 100 photographs of this precious little thing as she played and jumped and ran around her mommy, head-butting the salt lick and sticking her tongue out at us!

3 thoughts on “Return To The Lion and Rhino Park”

  1. White rhinos are so cool! What’s odd is that I was just writing about an incident involving me and a white rhino for my screenplay.
    ` I almost wondered if the park was something like ‘The Wilds’ in Zanesville Ohio, but then I remembered you live in South Africa. Duh. It’s much more natural in your neck of the woods….

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