Return To The Lion and Rhino Park

What a wonderful day… I took about 450 photographs, though I’m still going to have to work my tail off to learn how to use my camera properly!

We saw pretty much the whole park this time, including the predator enclosure. We missed their feeding, so when we got there the wild dogs were playing with their leftovers and the lions were super dozy and lazy. The rhinos only turned up late in the day, but I think we saw all of them. And there were babies everywhere! Baby waterbuck, blesbok and red hartebees calves, black and blue wildebeest calves, warthog piglets, a hippo and a rhino calf, lion, cheetah, tiger and leopard cubs. And we saw ground squirrel, sable antelope, springbok and gemsbok. And lots of snakes in the reptile section as well.

Return To The Lion and Rhino Park

These are five different adult rhinos, Are their horns not magnificent!!?!

And then we spotted this tiny baby rhino and her mother from a distance and when we saw them heading for a salt lick we made our way closer. I took almost 100 photographs of this precious little thing as she played and jumped and ran around her mommy, head-butting the salt lick and sticking her tongue out at us!

Under The Sea Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for The Kid’s first birthday party, and I had such fun!
I first searched the interweb for pictures of fondant sea animals to use as a reference- and was disappointed with what I could find… but it gave me a starting point.
Then I went and bought the pettinice fondant icing and just about every colour they had (the powder kind)! I started making the animals last Tuesday night as they are easier to handle when they’ve dried a little, and I saw a YouTube video a while ago on how to do the two-tone icing and this was the ideal opportunity to try it!
The cupcakes are vanilla, with a plain butter-icing (half of which I coloured blue the the powder type colouring), with the fondant sea animals on top.
I was really pleased with the finished cupcakes!

I have got to work out how to photograph them without over exposing them!
And these were taken by Jeanette, who was photographing the party, and lemme tell you- if you can, you need to hire her for your photo shoot “needs”. She’s incredible!