Another Weekend At Kamonande

a giraffe scratching his neck on a tree- one of a group of 3 we encountered near a dam a zebra mare and her foal, near our house on the mountain
another foal
a dozey zebra
a herd of impala, there were vervet monkeys playing in amongst them
the secretary bird!
an eland bull we found on a remote part of the farm
a warthog and one of the piglets
grazing zebra

a very thirsty butterfly on the wet pool seats
a spider on the wall in the house
a lounging kudu in the spotlight
another kudu- also in the spotlight on our night drive
a sleeping giraffe in the spotlight
a wall… in the middle of the farm… I thought it looked cool.
impala rams and a salt lick
a kudu doe in the bush in the daytime!
some of the houses on the mountain…
blue wildebeest
the knucklehead and J lounging by the pool
the knucklehead and J walking by the dam
the dry dam floor
beware electric buffalo… LOL!
another giraffe!

3 thoughts on “Another Weekend At Kamonande”

  1. I LOVE that wall!!
    Stunning photos, looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂 LOL at Damien getting ill from the rolled cigs

  2. jeanette: i love the wall too- and there are several all over the game farm! i really must be more insistent on us stopping when we see stuff like that because i coulda done it from a few angles!

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