The Weekend’s Pictures

Saturday at the Spur… for a birthday party… honestly- its not the most awesome place to go if your kids are older than 8!

My darling Damien… a.k.a. “The Knucklehead”.
This is a 550 Maranello! Spotted at a shopping centre in Randburg…

A Rock & Roll Mickey D’s?!!?!

Not only on a golf cart- in traffic- but on the phone too!!

A rather loud Egyptian Goose- inside Brightwater Commons mall…

This weekends cupcakes!!!

My two men have several common interests- Warhammer 40K is the newest one they share! Here they are building and painting together…

12 thoughts on “The Weekend’s Pictures”

  1. LOL at the dude in the golf cart, and I’m way impressed at you lugging your camera around to take the pics! LOL!

  2. jenty: ta… its hardly lugging when its so small! and i’m sorry i added to the post again after you’d been here!

  3. Oh noes the cupcake pics are doing real damage to my willpower. Love the dude on the golfcart. I think perhaps a couple of his pages are stuck together?

  4. those cupcakes look just as yummy as you led us to believe 😉 you’ll really have to bring a handful to the next bloggirls lunch … and then of course we’ll make sure to save space for dessert! You are clearly the cupcake queen … the next tattoo now makes total sense to moi 😉

  5. m.i.: my work here is done.

    charmskool: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa

    sleepyjane: ~~giggle~~ i am a long term tattoed mama/ all things cupcake visitor! i’ll be sending her a picture of my tattoo to post with the others as soon as i get it done!

    phillygirl: lol… why thank you. i’ll make sure i bring some cupcakes next time!

  6. I think this is the first time I’m commenting here *pats self on back*

    Was Glugs too cold to take his jacket off or was he scared about being splashed by some glue? 😛

  7. The dude in the Golf Cart is hilarious!! Spur and I are not friends coz of all the red meat but looksa like you guys gad a great time.

    Kudos for lugging that camera around.

  8. was that duck nesting in that planter?

    (We have a native duck that nests high up like that — and then pushes it’s babies out and they fall to the ground ker plunk.)

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