Horseriding At "The Spires"

You got to go to Spires if you wanna ride bunnies!!!
Damien greeting the horse he was to ride- Redwing, saddled and ready.
Meryl saddling her ride, Feiko.
The Glugs’ horse, King Arthur, tacked up and waiting. My horse for the outride- BillyB, also saddled and ready.
Damien on Redwing, ready for the ride.
Meryl on Feiko and Damien ahead of her.
Damien and one of our ride “guides”.
Damien rewarding Redwing for his work.
BillyB after our ride.

Redwing getting am apple reward.
myself and BillyB
King Arthur, a.k.a. Mr Beefy- a Friesian
Feiko (Friesian Saddler cross) with a mouth full of apple foam

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