How To Be A South African Road Hog – Lesson # 7

This is how you handle motorcyclists on South African roads!
See, motorcyclists have it easy here in good ol’ SA. They’re allowed to ride in between the traffic lanes and in so doing pass the slower moving cars. And in moving between the cars they get ahead! It’s just so not fair… right?
So when you see one coming in your rear view mirrors- instead of moving ever so slightly to let him pass- move to the right and frustrate him. If you’re approaching a traffic light, stay as far over to the right as possible so they can’t get next to you. If there’s already a bike at the traffic light, pull up next to him so you’re all but touching his handlebars. That’ll make him good and nervous.If you do treat the motorcyclists this way- just don’t be surprised if you lose side mirror after side mirror after side mirror… “accidentally”, on the highway.