the last week or so…

typical bus driver tactics in south africa- push in because you’re big and everyone has to get out of your way!
a yummy cookie at a kiddies birthday party!
is this insanity or love? 4 retrievers, a collie and a staffie… and no leashes!
on the way to the planetarium i think- this was at the garage where we put petrol in!
a close up view of a south african road. this is what you see when your car breaks down!
driving home from damien’s doctor today…
there’s an ancient bridge behind all this- we used to take my oupa’s dogs swimming there forever ago!
wonder how these trains are getting around with no wheels?
this was friday’s traffic… multiple accidents on the highway… it was still backed up even after i managed to pick damien up!
so is pilditch athletics stadium not being used?