Roll Up! Roll Up! Roll Up!

from top to bottom…
-> a very regularly occurring roadhog in terms of what he’s doing! this picture was taken at about 100km/hour on a weekday morning on one of my country’s busiest highways! not to mention that transporting people like this is illegal.
-> my most favouritist favourite piece of jewellery! besides my many rings- this is my most special piece. mommy darling gave it to me because she said it made her think of a dragon.
-> the ever camera shy greebo- wouldn’t look at the camera.
-> taxi- on the couch with me with his one foot on my knee.
-> greebo and taxi snuggling… aren’t they cute!
-> grampa scratchy on my bed- he quite literally never comes out of my bedroom!
-> this is grampa scratchy’s reaction when taxi has the audacity to get too close (ie: sticking hi nose over the top of the bed)- scratchy’s fine if taxi is on the bed and he’s underneath it though.
-> greebo and taxi snoozing in their travel boxes
-> taxi the toothless wondercat… i waited a while before i got a picture of him yawning so you can see his toothless mouht- yawning is how he and greebo usually say hello to me!