stuff i seen recently

this dog sat there like this- no leash- just his jersey- for ages!
now why on earth would a grown man dress like this? he had his hands in his pockets and as soon as he stepped up to the atm his pants slipped down further!
a taxi- fully loaded and speeding!

this twerp pushed in front of me after i’d been queueing for 10 minutes!

i took this at the airport last weekend when i fetched daddy darling.har har- this sign used to say “on show”!
this sticker is supposed to go inside a window!

How To Be A South African Road Hog- Lesson # 4

This one is possibly the easiest lesson of the lot… a “wave”.
No- not a Mexican wave- or even a royal wave- just a regular wave. Its surprisingly simple, in this country, a wave makes everything A-O-K… everyone from bus drivers and taxi drivers to regular motorists and cyclists use the wave when they… well lets just say you can do what you like as long as you wave at the person you just offended.

This Takes The Biscuit!

Obviously my reputation is spreading.
This guy (or girl) really went out of his (or her) way to earn himself (or herself) a place on my photoblog, so I’m going to go ahead and crown him (or her):
Supreme Roadhog Twerp Of The Month
How could I not after this person so deliberately parked in the middle of an entrance exit aisle in Jo’Burg International’s parkade.

Is This getting Boring?

yet more robot jumpers… and no they’re not the same as the one’s i already published! the green car in the second picture actually went AROUND me in order to jump the robot!
the other day mommy darling asked if i was afraid of people seeing me photograph them- and i must be honest, i worry about it a little- but mostly roadhogs go out of their way NOT to look at the people they just hogged, so its usually not a problem! like this dweezil, he quite literally pushed his way in front of me from a free left turn- i had right of way. he didn’t look at me AT ALL!
here’s a sight that’s common to our country, i actually wonder if they ever fight over who was there first? two white guys, both with signs saying something like:

no job…
family to support…
any donation will help…
god bless you…
the scary part- most of them make a fortune!