A Visit To The Doctor

well, actually its near damien’s doctor- the one who treats his adhd.
there’s this a massive petshop, they have a teagarden slash restaurant slash birdpark out back and damien and i go there often after we’ve been to his doc. this was the first time we had a camera though… this parrot’s a real show-off, and there are several pairs of swans, but this one swan started showing off much better when we started taking pictures! damien also took some of these- i forget which ‘coz we took a lot! he’s getting pretty good too!

i think you should be able to click on each one to see a bigger version…

bloody blogger won’t let me load all the ones i wanna load… i’ll try again tomorrow…


i am getting severely pissed off people!
i am completely unable to upload pictures of any sort to any of my blogs!
i can open the pop-up window, i can select a picture (either one of my own or by pasting the “http”), i can select a size and a position, then i say upload and it goes into thinking mode… then i get the little “done” button and then once i click on it the pop-up window disappears…

…but the picture or pictures doesn’t appear in the bloody post window!!!!!!!!

Taxi Tactics

this is a favourite place for taxis to stop- in intersections!
and any intersection will do- whether its a robot for the opposite side’s traffic or simply a stop street for oncoming cars- they just swerve in there and load up and unload passengers.

Two Of These Were Reported

some more robot jumpers- you can juuust see another one on the left of the truck sneaking past, not only jumping a red robot but in the wrong lane too! and yes- the truck barrelled through as well…
i thought this taxi deserved to be included after he tried so hard to catch my attention- cutting me off and forcing me to slam on my brakes- like he did!
some more jumpers… popular action this one! heaven forbid they wait the ten seconds (i’ve timed it) it takes for this robot to go green again!
see the dweezil in the opel on the right- i wish i could capture in a picture just what he was doing- speeding, weaving across the lanes, and no indicators!
this jerk jumped in front of me at a robot- forcing me to slam on brakes- then the person in front of him stopped and he had tp spend close to thirty seconds NOT looking at me in his mirrors!

Drumroll Please…

here are today’s roadhogs! is it a suprise that south africa’s road deathtoll is as high as it is!?!
look familiar? this happens to me SO often!

helloooooo! its a red light!
the taxis really do stop everywhere and anywhere, see the taxi under the arrow- he’s pushng in again on the left after ridng up past everyone on the right in the oncoming traffic’s lane… which was empty at the time but still…)!
not only is it a red light- its also a straight only lane and they’re turning left!
he ran out in front of me- just 10 metres down from a robot and a much safer crossing!