Today’s Roadhogs

that’s right- just one day’s photos… and i didn’t even photograph all the ones i saw!
the red car is pushing in front of me- when i actually had right of way, and like most drivers in south africa- i don’t mind giving you a chance to cut in front of me if you stick to the rules and ask nicely…
the truck is speeding on the highway- i was doing 100km/h and he came barreling past me on the left hand side no less!!
the heavily loaded bakkie has no lights or license plates on the trailer and couldn’t indicate when he changed lanes (he was in front of me- labouring up the hill)…
the two bakkies i circled jumped a red robot right in front of me…
and then there’s the one where i circled the red robot… with no less than four cars ignoring it!

This Made Me Giggle

i was walking back to the car on saturday at a nearby mall (my car is in this row too) and i thought it was very funny how so many of the cars cross the midline dividing the two rows of parked cars!

Oh My Greatness…!

I was going to put up the following post the day before yesterday:
This morning on the way to work- I saw a yellow Ferrari- and I heard it when he turned off the road a little way ahead of me! I was like “WOOHOO!” and craning my neck to see where he’d gone. Then after I passed the road he turned into- I spotted him in my side mirror again- he must have turned around somewhere and come back- I could also see he was catching up to me and about to pass me on the left hand side. Then as I was about to start getting excited, he shot past me and turned off the road again and into a garage. I didn’t see him leave, so I thought I’d get a look in when I drove past. And then… aaargh! How can anyone do this to a work of art like a Ferrari 360 Modena! Not only branding it but putting it through a regular public carwash!!! I mean- were it mine then no one BUT NO ONE would touch it! I would have it at a professional valet once a week! I’m all for giving cars away in competitions and such, and I fully understand the branding- but why not put it on the license plate…?!
And then I decided not to because found out that it is being driven for a year by a guy who won it in a body building competition and I’d rather not make him upset… you know…

Buses & Trucks…

the bane of my life in traffic… luckily most of them have those “how’s my driving” stickers on the back of them and i have all their numbers on speed dial!
both these vehicles turned left from a straight only lane!

More Road Hogs

this guy saw the camera & tried to hide! he jumped the robot and held up the queue i was in!the taxi on the right was in a “straight only” lane but turned left anyway- a daily occurrance!
see the truck- he’s in the fast lane & he’s doing 80km/hour… i was stuck behind him for five minutes!
see the arrow- he/she cut me off too!